Boris Veytsman

Researcher at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and George Mason University

Main interests:

Modeling of biological systems and medical applications
Navigation and air traffic safety
Information processing and typesetting
Hydrogen bonded fluids, liquid crystals

Some presentations and course slides:

Course notes for MatSc597C: Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials (1997)
Unix seminar at ITT
Closed Loop Phase Diagrams in Liquid Mixtures (seminar at GMU)
NANO 500: Introduction to Nanomaterials and Interactions
PSTricks workshop at TUG 2008
Medical Pedigrees
Videos of my talks at River Valley TV
Using R with SGE-compatible Grid engines and Rmpi micro-HOWTO

Here I am:
Curriculum vitae.
List of publications.
Contact me at:

Boris Veytsman
Voice: 703-915-2406